The adventure continues! I’ve been hired to work on a new show for the DIY Network called Big Beach Builds. This show takes place in the beautiful state of Delaware, primarily around Bethany Beach.

This new production has given me the opportunity to immerse myself with new production gear. I get to work with Canon’s C300 and lenses. I have grown to appreciate Canon, I’ve been a devout Sony fan since day 1. It’s my understanding that more DP’s and productions use Canon glass. Although they are far more delicate than the rugged Sony, Canon cameras and lenses give the video images such a unique cinematic look. I have also gotten to learn time lapse photography. With the help of the DP, I have learned how to properly create a moving time-lapse.

A moving time lapse is properly used by framing properly and creating a blurred motion to the focus. I learned that in order to do this effectively, one must use long shutter speeds. The appropriate speeds to use should be around ⅓ and 3 seconds. By creating these long exposures the image will be over exposed if shot in the daytime. You will need to add ND filters to compensate for the long exposures. This is a unique look and cannot be easily duplicated if you just set up a GoPro or a stills camera on auto and forget it. You must be able to add ND filters and adjust the shutter speed to create this look. A motion blur gives it a unique and professional look to your time-lapses.

I’m excited to work on the beach for a whole summer. I’ve always loved the beach and wanted to spend a summer in a beach town and this show gave me that opportunity. The days are long and hot. Working long hours in the elements at a construction site is no easy task. I have an ever growing appreciation for all of the people working to build these beautiful homes.

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