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Camera Decisions Sony A7S Vs. Panasonic GH4

I spent a long time debating on which camera I should buy. There were a lot of factors involved and I ended up going with the GH4 at the time for my needs. Everyone has different needs when it comes to technology etc, and I chose the GH4 mainly because of affordability. The A7S is a great camera and I would have made the plunge and purchased it if it wasn’t so damn expensive. Mainly due to the low light sensitivity the A7S wins, but for a more of a video perspective, the GH4 is king. I will primarily be using the GH4 for video projects so it’s the right choice for my needs.

New TV Series Filmed in Central Illinois (Lake Life)

Lake LifeFor the past summer I’ve been working on a build show called Lake Life. It’s been a blast getting to know the Hermans and their respective families. I had an amazing time Shooting and being Assistant Camera with a solid crew! Come December we will be shooting the last episodes in Gulf Shores Alabama where the Hermans plan to work and play at the Beach. You can catch me in the News working on a floating putting green.