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On-Set On Time: The importance of being early to your gigs

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It’s always a good idea to be as early as possible to all of your gigs. Living in NYC has forced me to be early because you never know what sort of transportation malfunction can occur. I live in Brooklyn and the commute is typically a 45-minute train ride into the city. However, you can count on something always going wrong in NYC. After all, the governor just announced a state of emergency for the subway system. I’ve had my share of situations being stuck underground, and when it involves impressing a new client or just being considered as reliable, it’s of the utmost importance to be to set on time.

This is why I like to be on-set an hour before call time. An hour might be overkill, but I would much rather be too early than just-in-time. The anxiety of commuting to my gigs creates a lot of stress for me, stresses that I don’t need in this already stressful career. If I can limit that stress in any way I will, and being early is a simple way to reduce this anxiety.

Besides, being early is sort of fun. It gives you the opportunity to scope out the location, get a coffee and think about the coming shoot. It also helps in the event that you made a typo on google maps and ended up somewhere completely wrong. If you know you might have an issue, I would even recommend taking a UBER or other similar transportation options. I personally have a car and I love to drive it. But when I have gigs in Manhattan, it’s better just to take the train. I’ve taken an UBER before when I was running late and sometimes it takes about the same amount of time than just taking the train. So what was the lesson I learned? I learned to be to set early every time.

Being early is something you can easily do and can solve a lot of issues before they turn into real problems. It helps you look professional and focused and can sometimes mean being hired again on a job or not.