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Final Episodes for Lake Life


Filming the guys at an awesome build

Filming the guys at an awesome build

I have never been to Alabama. I didn’t realize how majestic and wonderful it really is down here. They weren’t kidding when they said “Sweet home Alabama”. I had a blast being 3rd Camera, Media Managing, and Gear Managing for the shoot. Although there were some hiccups in the production (there always is) we managed to pull off a successful shoot. I came away with some spectacular memories. I hope I can come back soon to Gulf Shores Alabama



New TV Series Filmed in Central Illinois (Lake Life)

Lake LifeFor the past summer I’ve been working on a build show called Lake Life. It’s been a blast getting to know the Hermans and their respective families. I had an amazing time Shooting and being Assistant Camera with a solid crew! Come December we will be shooting the last episodes in Gulf Shores Alabama where the Hermans plan to work and play at the Beach. You can catch me in the News working on a floating putting green.